Mushawah discusses with a Donetsk People’s Republic delegation enhancing cultural cooperation

Damascus, SANA – Minister of Culture, Lunbana Mushawah discussed on Wednesday cultural cooperation with Donetsk People’s Republic delegation headed by Nataliya Nikonorova, minister of foreign affairs of the DPR.

Mushawah said that “the discussions focused on the bilateral cultural relations and included inauguration of DPR’s week or cultural days in Syria”, noting that the discussions included also “hosting DPR’s experts in ballet, classical and modern dance to train national cadres and to hold workshops at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, the Higher Institute of Music and ballet schools”.

For her part, Nikonovna said that “talks also included several of specific projects within the cultural framework that serve both countries“, pointing out that “they will be held in the nearest future”.

DPR’s Culture Minister Mikhail Geltyakov said that “culture, in its general sense, is the shortest way of cooperation between peoples since it expresses their civilization “, pointing out that “there are some agreements that will contribute to enriching culture in both countries”.

DPR’s delegation included the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture, Vice President of the Republic in Donetsk People’s Republic, in addition to a number of senior officials.

Bushra Dabin/Amer Dawa

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