SEDS unearths a water cave believed to be a shelter for the Monk Seal

Lattakia, SANA –Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society announced it has discovered a new water cave on al-Samra coast in Lattakia believed to be the home of the rare Syrian seal known as the “Monk Seal”.

Kahled Nwelaty, the head of field operations in the Society told SANA’s reporter that the Society discovered and documented a cave sunk under a mountain in the depth of the sea on the littoral, which proved to be shelter of the Mediterranean rare Monk Seal which reappeared on the Syrian coast after 50 years of disappearance.

“the Society kicked off its exploration efforts in the area following the discovery of (Tsogy Biran cave) last year to be now crowned by this new discovery of (Sernekh Ramla Cave) two km south of the first cave, where the gate (10 m) wide showed up leading to passageway inside the mountain.

Yaser al-Maliki, member of the documentation committee, said that “the cave is 50 m deep, 25 m high, 15 of which is submerged and several fish species were documented”, noting the most prominent find was traces of Monk Seal which was believed to be extinct.

The SEDS is no-governmental, nonprofit organization and was founded in 2008, and conducted 382 qualitative activities, among which 34 training camps and mad significant achievements in exploration, documentation and training.

Amer Dawa

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