In rejection of the US and Turkish occupation , Euphrates Valley tribes and clans’ forum held

Deir Ezzor, SANA – A meeting bringing together Syrian clans and tribes  in Euphrates Valley have been conducted in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside in rejection of the American and Turkish occupation and their separatist plans.

The final statement of the forum, attended by large number of the Valley dignitaries and sheikhs, called for adhering to the national cohesion and confronting all attempts of aggression and divisions, and stressed Syria’s unity and sovereignty over all its territories.

It also called for standing by the Syrian Arab Army in combating Takfiri terrorism and the separatist groups ,along with confronting and expelling all forms of aggressions on Syria.

The statement affirmed supporting the popular resistance and standing by the Army till restoring al-Jazeera region to the Syrian sovereignty, as well as not recognizing all those named by the US and Turkish occupation as  dignitaries and heads of the clans with the aim of discrediting the honorable Arab clans.


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