Syria calls for the immediate and unconditional removal of unilateral economic measures imposed on country

Geneva, SANA-Syria called for the immediate and unconditional removal of the unilateral economic coercive measures imposed on the country in violation of UN Charter, and the withdrawal of US and Turkish occupation troops from Syrian territories.

“We reject the Council’s debates on Syria as they are governed by intervention agendas circulated by the US and EU to find pretexts for their hostile policies against Syria,” Hussam al-Din Ala, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva said Wednesday in a statement at the Human rights’ council meeting.

Ambassador Ala stressed that Syria doesn’t recognize the mandate of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Situation in Syria and its biased reports that depend on misleading information and ready-made accusations that ignore the real facts.

 “At a time when Syria exerts effort to restore and consolidate stability and security, achieve the economic prosperity, improve the living conditions for its citizens, facilitate the return of displaced to the homeland, it faces challenges of the Turkish, Israeli and U.S. occupation of parts of its lands. This occupation that supports the terrorist organizations and separatist militias and sponsors the theft of oil, gas and wheat coinciding with the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the country to deprive the Syrians from their basic needs and hinder the recovery efforts and return to development track,” the Ambassador said.

He warned that the recent threat of Turkish Regime’s Head to establish the so called “safe zone” north of Syria constitutes an extension to the sabotage schemes and an aggression on a Syrian lands and people, stressing that the Council is responsible for documenting the Turkish occupation’s crimes on the Syrian territory and holding it accountable for them.

Ala clarified that since 2011, President Bashar al-Assad issued 20 amnesty decrees for thousands of Syrians in addition to the settlement and reconciliation processes being run all over the country.

SANA news/ Mazen Eyon

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