Russian Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass- Live Updates

  • Defense Ministry: Russian high-precision missiles destroy 17 Ukrainian military sites, among them two command centers.
  • Defense Ministry: Russian air defense systems down Ukrainian helicopter of Mi 24 in Kharkov region and tow drones in Rodkoveskaya.
  • Russia’s Foreign Ministry: Moscow has imposed personal sanctions on 287 members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament.
  • Russian MoD: Missile and artillery forces hit 573 targets in Ukraine last night, and Kalibr missiles destroyed warehouses in an aluminum factory in the Ukrainian region of Zaporozhe containing large quantities of weapons and ammunition.
  • Russian MoD: The Air Force launched night raids on 59 Ukrainian military facilities, and the air defense downed 18 Ukrainian drones and one “Tochka-U” missile
  • Ukrainian shelling injured 11 civilians in Donetsk, and Russian forces downed a drone over Voronezh province

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