“Ukrainian delegation delays negotiations in Belarus”, Peskov says

Moscow, SANA-Russian Presidential Spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, announced that the delegation of the Ukrainian regime is delaying negotiations with the Russian delegation in Belarus, expressing hope that the Kyiv delegation will arrive at the negotiations site today.

 “Our delegation has been at the negotiations site since last night and is waiting for the arrival of Ukrainian negotiators” Peskov said in a statement to reporters on Thursday.

He added that it is clear that the Ukrainian negotiators are not in a hurry, however, we hope that they will arrive today.

Last Monday, negotiations were held between the delegations of Russia and Ukraine on the territory of Belarus, and the Russian delegation is headed by presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky.

Medinsky had denied the correctness of the information about the postponement of the talks between the two delegations and transferring them to another place or to another day.

Bushra Dabin /Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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