Syria fulfilled its obligations towards IAEA despite circumstances, Ambassador Khaddour says

Vienna, SANA-Syria has fulfilled its legal obligations towards International Atomic Energy Agency according to the agreements of Comprehensive safeguards and non-proliferation, and it has met all demands on time.

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN and other international organizations in Vienna, Ambassador Hasan Khaddour said in a statement during the works of IAEA Board of governors that the track of disruption, adopted by certain known sides about Syria, aims to practice more pressure on Syria that has been able to meet all needed international obligations according the Comprehensive safeguards agreement despite difficult conditions the country is passing through because of the hostile and failed policies of these sides.

In this regard, Khaddour affirmed that the remaining of Israeli occupation entity, with its possession of nuclear capabilities, outside the framework of the Comprehensive safeguards agreement poses grave threat to the non-proliferation system.

Mazen Eyon

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