Militants in Daraa continue to hand over weapons to the Syrian Arab Army, Daraa city

Daraa, SANA- On Thursday, the process of handing over the militants’ weapons continued in the settlement center in al-Mahata neighborhood in Daraa city, as part of the implementation of the settlement agreement proposed by the state.

SANA’s reporter stated that for the second day in a row, settlement operations have continued and the militants have continued to hand over their weapons in al-Mahata police station (al-Saraya) in Daraa city, in implementation of the settlement agreement proposed by the state as part of the efforts for reaching a peaceful solution that provides for ending the abnormal situation in the city, expelling the terrorists and restoring security and stability all over the province.

The reporter pointed out that several settlement centers will be opened in several areas to complete the processes of settling the status and handing over weapons to the Syrian Arab Army, in preparation for the deployment of army units and the return of state institutions to all neighborhoods in Daraa city.

On Wednesday, the status of 209 people was settled and the individual weapons that were in the possession of some of them were handed over to the settlement center in al-Arba’ain neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad

The Syrian state has been working for several weeks to establish security and stability in Daraa province and to give priority to peaceful solutions in order to save the civilians’ lives and preserve the infrastructure.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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