Amal Movement condemns stealing Euphrates water by Turkish regime

Beirut, SANA- The Politburo of Lebanese Amal Movement has condemned Turkish regime’s stealing of the Euphrates water allocated for Syria and Iraq, following its deliberate policies of thirsting and depriving the two countries of their legal and rightful shares of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

 “The Turkish regime is working to block water flowing to the Syrian and Iraqi peoples through dam-building policies that don’t take into account the interests of the downstream countries, and in this regard, Amal Movement sees that a new title is added to the complicated files of the region which is water wars,” the Movement said in a statement following a meeting chaired by Jamil Hayek.

 On the other hand, the statement called for continuing escalation of resistance and confrontation inside the Palestinian territory against the Zionist enemy, noting that betting on settlement schemes will go in vain along with the Zionist intransigence and arrogance day after day.

Hybah Sleman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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