Fire of Akum village in al-Qseir extinguished ..Caretaker Agriculture Minister : it caused damage to plant cover

Homs, SANA- Homs Fire Brigade ,supported by members of the Syrian Arab Army, extinguished a fire that extended on Wednesday from the Lebanese territories towards Akum village in Qseir area in Homs southwestern countryside and cooling operations are underway.

Agriculture Minister in the Caretaker government, Mohammad Hassan Qatana, said in a statement to journalists that the fires erupted were put out while some remaining spots are being dealt  and cooling them are underway ,referring that the situation now is satisfying .

He expressed his appreciation to efforts of all sides that contributed to putting out the fires whether in the Syrian territories or the Lebanese ones.

Qatana clarified that the fires have not extended over vast areas in the Syrian territories as they spread over about 2 km and with depth of 500 m, but they caused a damage to the plant cover and the biological diversity.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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