Two water pumping stations stop working due to attacks by unidentified persons, Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA- Two water pumping stations in Daraa northern and eastern countryside have stopped working after they had been attacked by unidentified persons.

Eng. Mohammad al-Masalmeh, Director of the Water Establishment, told SANA reporter that unknown persons on Sunday attacked al-Aliya water pumping station which feeds Jasem city in the northern countryside of the province, and they stole a power transformer and copper cables from the station and that caused the stoppage of the pumping process and water was cut off to 10,000 citizens.

He added that the Establishment exerts relentless to secure an alternative power transformer to operate the station again.

Al-Masalmeh said that another attack targeted al-Sahwa water pumping station in the eastern countryside, the 300m-long cable feeding the station was stolen as the station went out of service.

Earlier, unidentified persons attacked the two water pumping stations of Tal al-Joumu’a and al-Hara in the northwestern countryside of the province, depriving 150,000 citizens of water.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-jazaeri

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