Cuban Ambassador: Misleading campaigns against Cuba are similar to what Syria has been exposed to

Damascus, SANA-Cuban Ambassador in Damascus, Miguel Porto Parga, affirmed on Monday that the latest incidents that took place in his country on July 11th, were a result of misleading campaigns circulated on social media through direct intervention of Washington in the framework of the so-called “Fourth generation wars” to market a false image of the situation in the country and make a justification for the foreign intervention in Cuba’s domestic affairs.

Porto parga said that what is taking place in his country is similar to the misleading and distortion campaigns to which Syria has been exposed for years ago, adding that they come within the framework of the US hostile policies towards Cuba, which escalated under the administration of Donald Trump and continues at the present time under the administration of Joe Biden within an opportunistic plan set by the US to practice the biggest possible pressure on Cuba at a time when it has been facing complicated situations for more than 16 months as a result of the Corona virus pandemic.

The Cuban ambassador affirmed  that the US government bears big responsibility for the events that took place in Cuba, not only because they were the result of 62 years of economic war, but because of their timing, which came after the intensification of pressures and the blockade with more than 243 additional measures approved during the Trump era, and the Biden administration did not remove any of those actions.

The Ambassador appreciated Syria’s stance in support of his country and the messages of solidarity and attitudes addressed by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry,  the Syrian-Cuban Parliamentary Friendship Association and the Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, expressing his country’s gratitude for the various support statements issued by the peoples and governments of the world.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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