Syrian-Iraqi talks to develop bilateral cooperation in transport field

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Transport, Zuhair Khuzaim discussed with Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals, Manhal Aziz al-Khabbaz means to enhance bilateral relations in transport sector and mechanisms for developing trade exchange between Syria and Iraq.

During a meeting which was held at the Ministry of Transport in Damascus on Sunday, participants discussed mechanisms of mutual coordination, situation of joint Syrian- Iraqi company, and the importance to facilitate work of drivers and trucks, and transfer goods smoothly between the two countries.

Minister Khuzaim reviewed the most important developments which have been completed after the systematic sabotage caused by terrorist organizations to the transport sector, especially railways, road networks and airports.

 He stressed the importance of linking land, railway and air transport lines between the two countries to facilitate the work of drivers, transit and shipments of goods.

In turn, Minister of Industry Ziad Sabbagh affirmed the necessity of developing relations between the two countries in industry, transport and trade exchange fields, especially in the next stage as requiring additional effort for the benefit of both countries.

For his part, al-Khabbaz underlined that the delegation’s visit to Syria focus on building bridges and economic ties between the two countries, stressing the need to going ahead to expand cooperation in various fields, especially the transport sectors.

Manar Salameh/Shaza Qriema

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