Young sculptor Yusha Fadel transforms wood pieces into works of art

Lattakia, SANA –  Young sculptor, Yusha Fadel, has chosen raw wood material for his artworks by creating faces and features, described with precision in details and beauty in order to make a name for himself and a status in the two fields of wood and decoration. 

“I have begun this craft since 6 years, I inherited it from my father who was a teacher and carpenter, working in decoration and has an interest in calligraphy, but I added on what I learned from him a lot of modern machines and designs, particularly in the art of sculpture, so I designed drawings and chose the colors carefully to transform the wooden panels into masterpieces. “ Fadel told SANA reporter.

He designs wooden wall decors, artworks, carving on doors in addition to pharaoh drawings and wall clocks in unique shapes.

Fadel also launched a new experiment in making synthetic wooden masterpieces for children to develop their mental skills, but it is often related to his works that he refuses to give them up or sell them.

The 30-year young sculptor, who opened his private workshop and implemented several designs in Syria and Lebanon, affirms his love to the craft despite it exhausts much efforts, but he wishes to add his creativity and special touches to put his name as a slogan in the craft of carving on wood.


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