50 paintings at Ornina Art Gallery, a tribute to late artist Bassam Jbeili

Homs, SANA- 25 plastic artists from different provinces took the opportunity to participate in Ornina Art Gallery to express their appreciation for late plastic artist, Bassam Jabili, who left an artistic imprint in contemporary plastic art life.

The gallery, which was held in the archaeological hall of the Forty Martyrs’ Church in the center of the old city, embraced 50 plastic paintings from various schools and subjects dominated by a humanistic character, including hopeful emotions, while other paintings were distinguished by modernity and the merging of schools and artistic methods.

Plastic artist, Jamal Ismail, said in a statement to SANA that he participated in the exhibition, which he described as beautiful, with two paintings in which realistic styles combined with classicism and abstraction away from familiarity in a modern way that relies on the quartet division of the painting to appear more aesthetic and problematic.

Plastic artist, Ahmed Rahal, participated in the exhibition with six paintings in oil and charcoal colors, with topics on the history and heritage represented by the ancient gates of Homs.

Director of Ornina Cultural Forum, Raymond Capron, pointed out that the exhibition, which was boosted by the participation of plastic artists from different generations and schools, constitutes a gathering point for the beauty of its colors that come in harmony with the historical and architectural beauty of the archaeological hall of the Church.

The late artist, Bassam Jbeili, son of Homs city, died in last September at the age of seventy-four.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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