Government team concerned with Coronavirus affirms readiness of hospitals to deal with the spread of the virus

Damascus, SANA- Government team concerned with responding to Coronavirus epidemic evaluated on Thursday the decisions taken to strengthen the health work system and equip hospitals with necessary supplies to receive cases infected with the Coronavirus and increase respirators and intensive care beds, stressing measures have been taken to ensure the work of ambulances, medical equipment, fuel and maintenance supplies.

The government team, during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, called for adhering to decisions taken to limit the spread of the epidemic and follow up their implementation as well as taking more preventive measures.

The team said that an additional liquid oxygen tank, with a capacity of 10 tons, was installed in al-Mouwasat Hospital in addition to 100 spare oxygen cylinders for the Cardiac Surgery hospital.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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