“The Return…Life after ISIS” film documents scandals of organization in Syria

Washington, SANA – “The Return.. Life after ISIS “by Spanish director, Alba Sotorra, documents methods through which Daesh was recruiting western girls in the organization.

Daily Mail British newspaper said the film, which was screened at the opening of  “South by Southwest Film Festival” in US Texas, narrats stories of wives of terrorists who left their countries and came to Syria to join the terrorist organization in areas where they have deployed.

Among those girls was a British girl Shamima Begum, currently 21, who was 15 when she joined the extremist organization.

Begum joined the origination and she was called “ISIS bride,” then the British judiciary denaturalized and rejected her return to the country.

The film has not sufficiently dealt with the role of Turkish regime in making Turkey a point for the passage of tens of thousands of terrorists to Syria. Those terrorists who have committed crimes against the Syrian people, despite repeated reports that affirmed the passage of foreign terrorists and female foreign terrorists via Turkey into Syria.

Begum narrated how the extremist organization deceived her to join the organization in Syria, without any pursuit by the British authorities, then to realize, upon her arrival to Daesh areas in Syria, the hypocrisy of the extremist organization’s propaganda and how it deceives people

“I lived in fear of being killed every day with my child, so I decided to flee, but I was afraid that the terrorists would kidnap, torture and kill me,” Begum adds.

According to estimations of anti-terror experts in Britain, about 50 women have traveled from UK to join the terrorist organization in Syria.

Another girl who joined Daesh said “We knew that Syria is a war zone, despite that, I went there with my children, and when I think about it, I don’t even understand how I could have done that”.

In an interview with the “Women and Hollywood” website, Spanish director Sotorrasaid  “I will never be able to understand how a Western woman can make the decision to give up everything to join an organization that commits atrocities such as those perpetrated by “Daesh” in Syria, and it must assume the consequences”.

Hybah/ Mazen Eyon

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