Gabbard : US aggression on Syria in 2018 depended on lies

Washington, SANA –  Former US Senator, Tulsi Gabbard, reiterated that the US, British, and French aggression on Syria in April of 2018 depended on various lies and fabricated pretexts to attack a sovereign country.

“Since the beginning, all of us has asked where is the evidence that was taken as a basis for launching a military aggression against Syria, and our demand in this regard did not receive any response,” Gabbard told American FOX TV Program “Carlson Tonight.”

She added that it has now become clear that the final report of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on the alleged attack was amended prior to its publication to provide cover for the unconstitutional US military strike on Syria.

The US, Britain and France launched a flagrant aggression with missiles at dawn on a number of sites in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs where the Syrian air defenses confronted them and shot down most of them most of them.

 “If you look at war mongers in the countries that participated in the strike, and at states which make use of this continued game to change regimes… then you can know the response of the question about the evidence that justifies dispatching US soldiers overseas and launch an illegitimate military strike on another sovereignty country.” Gabbard added.


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