Syrian calligraphers take part in virtual conference on Arts of Arabic calligraphy in Iran

Damascus, SANA-The Syrian participation in the first virtual “arts of Arabic calligraphy” conference of the countries of the Silk Road in Iran was characterized by bringing the works of the pioneers of Sham School who had the favor in this art all over the world.

About the Syrian participation, organized by the House of Arab Calligraphy and Arts Association in cooperation with the Iranian Cultural consulate in Damascus, calligrapher and plastic artist Reem Qubtan, head of the association, told SANA that it represented 20 works for seven of the pioneers of Sham School in Arabic Calligraphy.

According to the Qubtan, the Syrian participation in the conference also included presenting a research paper entitled Ornamentation, gilding, and poetry and its importance in making beautiful and decorating manuscripts and books, especially Qur’an Sharif , with the aim of showing the importance, beauty and distinction of sham School in calligraphy arts and opening new horizons for Syrian calligraphers by examining the experiences of other countries.

The conference and the accompanying exhibition opened last Wednesday in Khorasan Museum in the Iranian city of Mashhad and will continue until Monday.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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