In Football Premier League, Al-Karama continues to lead … draw between Al-Jaish and Tishreen

Provinces, SANA- During the Football Premier League kicked off on Saturday, there was a draw between al-Jaish and Tishreen in the tenth round, and a draw between al-Taleea and al-Wathba, in addition to that, al-Karama beat al-Shurta, Hettin beat al-Hurriyya, al-Wahda beat Futowa, al-Ettihad beat al-Sahel.

In details, the match between al-Jaish and Tishreen on al-Jalaa Stadium ended up with a draw 1-1, with the goals were scored by Moumen Naji from Al-Jaish team and Maher Da’aboul.

On al-Basel Stadium in Homs, al-Karama beat al-Shurta 2-0, with the goals scored by Ali Ramadan, and by this, al-Karama still tops the League.

Al-Wahda beat al –Futowa 4-1 on Tishreen Stadium in Damascus, with the goals scored by Oday Jfal, Mazen al-Eiss ,Laith Ali and Abdulrahman Barakat.

Hettin beat al-Huriya 4-0 during their meeting on al-Basel Stadium in Lattakia with two goals scored by Anas Buta and the two others scored by Mohammad Qulfat and Mardik Mardikan.

In the match held on al-Hamdanya Stadium in Aleppo, al-Ettihad beat al-Sahel 1-0 with the goal scored by Zakarya Azeeza.
The Meeting brought al-Talee’a and al-Wathba together in Hama ended up with a goalless draw.

The tenth round is concluded by a single meeting that brings al-Hurjalla and Jabla on al-Jalaa Stadium in Damascus.

In light of these results, al-Karama still tops the League with 26 points, followed by al-Jaish and Tishreen with 23 each, then Hettin with 22 points, Jabla 15, al-Talee’a 14, al-Wathba 12, al-Ittihad 11, al-Hurjalla 8, al-Shurta 7, al-Hurrya 5, and al-Futtowa and al-Sahel with 2 points for each.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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