Cabinet calls for intensifying procedures of monitoring markets and controlling prices

Damascus, SANA- The Cabinet called for intensifying procedures of monitoring markets controlling prices and taking strict penalties against traffickers in subsidized materials.

The Cabinet, during its weekly session headed by Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous,discussed the measures taken to implement the national plan to deal with the Coronavirus and intensify efforts to enhance the capacity of the health sector and provide its requirements.

It stressed the need for the application of precautionary measures, sterilization operations, wearing masks and spatial distancing in public places, state institutions, means of transport.

Arnous stressed the need to enhance partnership with the private sector to support the local economy and to study the possibility of offering public facilities destroyed by terrorism in order to participate with the private sector in a way that serves the public interest and contributes to providing thousands of job opportunities.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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