Egyptian party demands serious step to lift coercive measures imposed on Syria

 Cairo, SANA- The Egyptian Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) called for a serious Arab and international stance for lifting the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria by the United States and Western countries.

“Washington is still practicing its arrogance amid international silence. This silence pushes it to exercise more hegemony,” Chairman of the party Hassan Turk told SANA’s correspondent in Cairo on Saturday.

He stressed that there must be a serious step against those practices and policies pursued by the American administration and Western countries against the world and against Syria, in particular.

Turk pointed out that Syria has been exposed, in recent years, to American and Zionist conspiracies aimed at imposing control over its sovereign decision, as Washington worked to create and support terrorist organizations to carry out their criminal operations on Syrian lands.

He said that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against these terrorist gangs constituted a major blow against the US-Zionist conspiratorial scheme, and that pushed Washington and its allies to use economic measures against the Syrian state in violation of the international legitimacy.

Turk affirmed that the Syrian people were able to reveal the true face of American policy and achieve victories over all its plots.

“All coercive economic measures will not undermine the will and determination of the steadfast Syrian people,” he said, concluding that “Syria will be able to complete victories despite the sanctions.”

Bushra Dabin/GH.A.Hassoun

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