Restoration project of al-Sakateyya market in Aleppo wins ICCROM International Award

Abu Dhabi, SANA-Syria won the ICCROM Sharjah Award for Good Practices in Preservation and Protection Cultural heritage in the Arab region, in its second round, through Restoration project of the archaeological market of Al–Sakateyya in ancient Aleppo provided by Aga Khan Services Cultural foundation, thus surpassing on 14 Arab cultural projects.

The importance of the archaeological restoration project of al- Sakateyya market comes in  the fact that it shows the capabilities of the Syrian expertise and national capital in rehabilitating what the war has destroyed and big losses It caused not only at the level of Syria, but also on the level of humanity and the global cultural heritage.

The souk, which is located in the south of the great Umayyad mosque that is considered one of 37 famous Aleppo markets that date back to 4th century, came under destruction with various levels.

The work in the project, which was nominated for the ICCROM International Prize, lasted for nearly 8 months to be completed in July, 2019 without delay, according to a studied time.


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