With participation of 1,200 researchers from Syria and Britain, Damascus university organizes a virtual conference about Corona and dentistry

Damascus, SANA -1,200 researchers and specialists from Syria and Britain participated in the first virtual conference, which was organized at the Faculty of Dentistry in Damascus university in cooperation with British University of Birmingham on corona and dentistry.

The participants discussed topics focused on the preventative measures taken to confront Coronavirus and mechanisms of dealing medically with those infected with the virus and future of dentistry after Corona.

The conference was broadcast via internet and official page of the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University on social media” Facebook”.

Dr. Mohammad Osama al-Jabban, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Damascus said in a statement to SANA that the conference is the first of its kind and it constitutes one of the important scientific platforms which concentrated on basic rules to  how dealing medically with Coronavirus patients, addition to  that, it offers a space for discussion and dialogue on the level of Syria and abroad through open sessions , provided to elite of dentists from  scientists, experts, specialists and postgraduate students from Syria and Britain to exchange experiences in this regard for free.

Al-Jabban noted that the number of the registered participants in the conference exceeded 1,200 ones of doctor, specialist, researcher, and student in the field of dentistry.

Certificate of attendance will be given from   British University of Birmingham to each one who participated in the activities of the conference.

This conference comes in the framework of the faculty plan to spread the medical knowledge about Coronavirus and dentistry where the probability of moving coronavirus pandemic in dental clinics is very high, for this reason this requires spreading more awareness in this regard.

Hybah / Mazen

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