Shoigu: Over 133 thousand terrorists killed since Russia’s participation in combating terrorism in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that over than 133 thousand terrorists have been killed in Syria since the participation of the Russian forces in the war against terrorism in Syria in the year 2015.

Sputnik quoted Shoigu as saying on Wednesday that “865 of the terrorist organizations’ leaders and more than 133 thousand terrorists including 4,500 terrorists from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, have been eliminated.”

He noted that Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization no longer exists in Syria, and no terrorist has entered Russia.

On Sep. 30th, 2015, the Russian Aerospace forces started a military operation in Syria upon a request by the Syrian state to support the efforts exerted by the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism as thousands of terrorists positions have been destroyed, and heavy losses have been inflicted on them in the personnel and equipment.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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