Al-Jaafari: Syria calls on Security Council to adopt a draft resolution obliging certain countries to bring back their terrorists

New York, SANA_ Syria demanded continuation of efforts at the UN Security Council for the adoption of a binding draft resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter that obliges member states to collaborate with each other to eradicate the phenomenon of foreign terrorists, and commit the countries concerned to bring back their terrorists, hold them accountable for their crimes and to take deterrent measures against them to rid the whole world of the scourge of terrorism.

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, during the UN Security Council’s session via video on Friday on the situation in Syria, clarified that the Council voted late last month on a draft resolution on the fight against terrorism that it was supposed to contribute to bridging an important gap in this regard, since said project should require member states to recover, prosecute or rehabilitate their nationals from “cross-border terrorists” or what some like to call “foreign terrorist fighters” and rid the countries in which these terrorists are active of their crimes.

Al-Jaafari indicated to some European countries’ irresponsible stance and refusal to take back their terrorists and hold them accountable and the immoral attempts of these countries to evade their related responsibilities.

He pointed out that Syria has been targeted over the past years with a brutal terrorist war in which well-known countries have recruited foreign terrorists and provided them with various forms of support and facilitated their infiltration across the borders with Turkey mainly to destabilize Syria and undermine its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and its role in the region.

Al-Jaafari reiterated Syria’s condemnation and total rejection of the selective approach adopted by some member states regarding confronting the threat of terrorism to international peace and security and considering it a legitimate tool that could be invested as long as it does not target their countries and characterizing the terrorists as / a moderate armed Syrian opposition /, /armed groups /, / jihadists / or / freedom and democracy fighters / that do not pose any threat to peace and security to any country, region or the whole world, as long as they never think of returning to their countries.

Al-Jaafari indicated that several Western are determined to drown a number of countries with their human waste from terrorists, mercenaries and murderers after they used them to target certain countries including Syria.

The success of any political solution to the crisis, the restoration of security and stability to all parts of Syria, and the advancement of the humanitarian situation there requires combating terrorism and the countries concerned to bring back their terrorists from Idleb, which is controlled by the Jabhat al-Nusra and the multiple-name terrorist entities as well as from the al-Howl camp run by the US occupation forces and their proxy separatist militias, and to avoid making this issue the subject of bartering or suspicious deals aimed at legitimizing or recognizing those militias involved in smuggling some of Daesh terrorists or children to neighboring countries, al-Jaafari clarified.

He pointed out to the existence of information that terrorists of the “White Helmets and Jabhat al-Nusra,” are preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack in Ariha city and Basames area in northwestern Syria under the supervision of Turkish officers to accuse the Syrian Arab army of doing that.

Al-Jaafari reaffirmed Syria’s commitment to the political solution based on the intra-Syrian national dialogue owned and led by Syrians without any external interference and facilitated by the United Nations in light of the strict and non-negotiable commitment and full respect of all member states in this council and outside it to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

He underlined the necessity of these countries also to fully adhere to the terms of reference and work rules of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution and not to interfere in its work or attempt to impose artificial timetables or deadlines for its work.

Al-Jaafari renewed that Syria will continue to work to combat terrorism and regain control over its entire territories in order to achieve security, stability and prosperity for the Syrian people.


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