The Shuh and Cedar Reserve in Slunfah : rare plants, perennial trees and an exceptional efforts to protect it from fires

Lattakia, SANA – the Shuh and Cedar Reserve in Slunfah is one of the most important nature reserves in Lattakia province as it embraces the last remaining of rare cedar forests in the eastern part of the basin of the Mediterranean which contains the perennial trees and rare plants that go back hundreds years ago.

The reserve, which extends over an area of 1350 hectares, is also important as it is considered a safe home for many wild animals and an important place for migratory birds in summer season and it is the only region in Syria previously classified by The World Bird Council as “a bottleneck route” and a destination for migratory birds.

Eng. Yaqzan Maarouf, who is a supervising the reserve, told SANA reporter that the reserve mainly contains fir trees, Cedar and various other varieties of pine, oak, and wandering trees and sorbet and rare plants species such as peony, primrose, and snow flower.

Engineer Bilal Ibrahim, also a supervisor, clarified that this is a natural reserve that consists of a western foot containing rare fir trees, and an eastern foot containing trees Perennial cedar, which dates back hundreds of years, which considered an important national wealth, pointing out that only 5% of the reserve was damaged by the fire that broke out recently.

SANA’s camera has documented the limited damages to this reserve, which extends over
an area of 1350 hectares.


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