Palestinians: “Israel” demolishes our homes, but it will not destroy our determination

Occupied al-Quds, SANA_ The Palestinians have always been steadfast in the face of the recurrent savage Israeli crimes of killing, demolishing houses, seizing their lands and displacing them supported by the US administration.

“The occupation troops besieged my house, beat my wife and children and demolished our house in a ferocious way. We became homeless as is the case with hundreds of Palestinian families whose houses were demolished,” Ibrahim Ibnayat from the village of Froush Beit Dijin in al-Aghwar in the West Bank told SANA reporter.

He added that the occupation aggressive measures will increase his adherence to his land.

Expert in settlement activities Aref Draghema said that the occupation authorities have been escalating settlement activities since the US announcement about the notorious conspiracy of the deal of the century, indicating that the occupation authorities have been expanding settlement and annexation plans.

He added that the Judaization and settlement activities are being carried out in all the cities and villages of the West Bank, especially the occupied city of al-Quds.

Head of Sabastya municipality (to the north of Nablus) Mohammad Azem said that the occupation authorities stepped up demolition of houses and commercial buildings in the archaeological part of the city.

He added that last Wednesday Israeli bulldozers ruined two buildings and seized their archaeological and folkloric contents in a new crime added to the Zionist heinous criminal record which aims to wipe out the historical and civilizational monuments of the city.

The Coordinator of the People’s Committee for Resisting the Racist Wall and Settlement Salah al-Khawaja said that the occupation authorities handed notifications for demolishing 45000 Palestinian houses, 20000 of them in occupied al-Quds.

He stressed that the Palestinians will not concede their lands or rights and will press ahead with their ceaseless resistance to foil the ill-famed deal of the century and annexation plans.


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