People’s Assembly on Independence Day: Syria is more determined to preserve its sovereignty and unity

Damascus, SANA-The People’s Assembly stressed on Thursday that the anniversary of Independence Day passes this year while Syria is more determined to preserve its sovereignty and independence.

“That is embodied in the legendry confrontation recorded by heroes of the Syrian army through defeating the aggression and foiling the conspiracies and all forms of unjust blockade,” The Assembly said in a statement on the 74th anniversary of the Independence Day.

The statement added that the glorious evacuation Day on which Syria achieved its liberation and independence from the French occupation became a symbol for victory and dignity thanks to the sacrifices offered by the Syrian people throughout decades to be an example for the resilience of people against occupation.

The Syrian people celebrate the independence day on April 17th every year as the country gained its liberation from the French occupation in 1946.

Mazen Eyon




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