Syria’s farmers challenge Coronavirus and continue securing needs of citizens

Damascus Countryside, SANA- The farmer constitutes the main pillar of the agricultural work and the main source for securing food products for citizens, as the Syrian farmers continue cultivating their lands despite of Coronavirus thraets taking into consideration all preventive measures against Coronavirus in order to continue providing the agricultural products to the citizens.

Due to the healthy natural circumstances of wide areas of land and open skies, the spread of Coronavirus among the farmers is weak as the farmers have no close contacts with others, Farmer Mohammad al-Tarshan told SANA reporter.

SANA’s team monitored the farmers work at their lands in the towns of al-Kisweh and al-Taybeh in Damascus countryside, as the farmers stressed that they continue their work for preserving the national economic potentials and will exert all efforts to secure vegetables and agricultural products for the local markets.

The farmers also expressed their determination to ensure the agricultural products for the citizens in light of the spread of the Virus.

Head of Damascus and Damascus Countryside Farmers Union Mohammad Khalouf said that the crops of the current season are good and abundant due to the facilitation and support provided by the government to the farmers, in addition to the rainfall amount which contributed to increasing the cultivated areas.

Director of Damascus Countryside Agricultural Department Erfan Ziyadeh said that in light of the precautionary measures taken by the government to fight Coronavirus, the farmers and livestock keepers continue the agricultural production process along with adopting all preventive measures to protect themselves according to the instructions of Health Ministry.

Hala Zain

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