National Campaign for Emergency Social Response launches digital portal and begins support activities

Damascus, SANA – The National Campaign for Emergency Social Response which was approved recently by the Cabinet began its activities by launching a digital portal, distributing food and health baskets, and forming volunteer teams.

The digital portal allows for registering applications by elderly people ages 70 and above, families that care for people with special needs, and day workers and freelancers whose work was affected by the measures taken to confront the Coronavirus.

The portal was launched on Sunday evening by the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry in cooperation with MTN.

Director of Planning and International Cooperation at the Ministry Mahmoud al-Kawwa said this portal seeks to gather data on targeted beneficiaries for the campaign in order to ensure they receive the support they need.

He said that the Ministry also formed volunteer teams comprised of 18,800 volunteers from across the country, which distribute food and health basket, having already distributed 80,000 baskets so far in Damascus, Tartous, and Lattakia.

The volunteer teams also assist people who can’t sign up via the digital portal on their own, helping them enter their data.

In addition, the Ministry formed volunteer health teams comprised of 2,300 doctors and nurses to support the Health Ministry’s work across the country.

Hazem Sabbagh

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