Ambassador Ala: Investigation Committee fabricates untrue accusations that serve countries which seek to defame image of Syria

Geneva, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam al-Din Ala, said Monday that some countries persist, in their endeavors, to turn the UN Human Rights’ Council to a platform for  politicization through a way that contradicts the UN charter.

Ambassador Ala added in a speech at a UN Human Rights’ Council session on the situation of Human rights in Syria  that the status in Syria is the only one which is repeated every session for the Council and this is the clearest method of politicization in the work of the council.

He went on to say that the International investigation committee adopts incorrect approach that ignores US and Turkish aggression and their occupation of parts of Syria.

“The International Investigation committee continues fabricating untrue accusations that serve the interests of countries which seek to defame the image of Syria and harm it,” Ambassador Ala stressed.

He said that the Syrian government has informed the UN Resident Coordinator its approval to deliver the humanitarian and medical aid through frontlines providing that they reach civilians who are in need.

“So, we stress our rejection of renewing the mandate of the international investigation committee and its reports which are detached from reality, and we reject its accusations and the outcomes of its investigations which are full of contradictions,” Ala added.

“Syria reiterates that ending the humanitarian suffering requires from some sides to stop hypocrisy, politicization and stop investing in terror or imposing political provisions of the international support for the efforts of responding to the humanitarian suffering and finding suitable conditions for the return of Syrian displaced to their home,” Ala said.

He concluded by saying that the most brutal suffering is the economic terrorism of the EU and US imposed on the Syrian people through the unilateral coercive measures which deprive the Syrians from getting medicine and heating oil.

Mazen Eyon

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