Maintenance workshops at Syrian Gas Company start fixing damage caused by terrorist attacks- video

Homs, SANA- The technical workshops at the Syrian Gas Company have started fixing the damage caused by the terrorist attack that targeted at dawn Tuesday a number of facilities which are affiliated to the company in Homs eastern countryside, and Homs Refinery.

Director-General of the Syrian Gas Company Ghassan Tarraf, in a statement to journalists, said that the attack is the second in a month and half as in the same way, several facilities affiliated to the company were targeted which are al-Rayyan Gas Station, South Central Area Gas Factory and al-Zara Gas Station, in addition to Ebla Gas Factory and Homs Refinery.

Tarraf noted that the terrorist attack caused a damage in some lines and cables at the station and the eruption of fire as the compressor and the turbine went out of service and immediately, the fire was contained and put out, and the employees of the company embarked on fixing the damage.

Regarding the South Central Area Gas Factory, al-Tarraf said that the terrorist attack caused the eruption of fire due to the damage inflicted on the gas lines and cables, and the fire was extinguished by the workers of the factory and the gas was transferred to an emergency line that had been previously prepared to guarantee the safety of the facility.

He added that after containing the fire, gas was brought back to the facility and the units have been put into service gradually while the affected areas have been isolated, and currently the maintenance processes have started.

Tarraf said that al-Zara Gas Station was targeted with two shells and the damage was minor as some lines were damaged, while one of the units was damaged in Ebla Gas Factory and currently in operation, affirming that all the targeted facilities will be put back into service in 72 hours.

In turn, Engineer Haitham Musawkar, General Manager of Homs Refinery, told SANA that the maintenance workshops in the refinery immediately began repairing the damage in the units that had been subjected to terrorist attacks and they will be put into service within 72 hours.

A number of the Syrian Gas Company’s facilities and Homs refinery were subjected to terrorist attacks late last year, and their employees fixed the damage and the targeted facilities were put into service again.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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