Hammoud: Ain Dara archeological site subjected to systematic destruction by Turkish occupation

Damascus, SANA- Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud, Director of Antiquities and Museums Department, confirmed that Ain Dara site in Afrin region of Aleppo countryside was subjected to massive destruction resulting from illegal excavations by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries, using heavy bulldozers with the aim of destroying the levels from which the site is composed and searching for treasures and looting them.

Dr. Hammoud said that Ain Dara site includes many huge basaltic sculptures that are no less important than the Lion of Ain Dara sculpture.

He noted that this brutal acts by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries has affected most of the archaeological sites under the control of this occupation, but the greatest destruction was inflicted on the Prophet Hori (Cyrus) site, which is one of the richest and most important archaeological sites dating back to classical times in northern Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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