Cabinet allocates SYP 2 billion for services projects in Hama and Damascus Countryside

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet reviewed the government’s plan for the development of the areas in Raqqa province’s countryside which have been liberated from terrorism, calling on ministries to work towards restoring services and infrastructure in them and provide all that is needed for the return of locals to their towns and villages.

During a weekly session on Sunday chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the Cabinet allocated SYP 2 billion for completing services and development projects in Hama and Damascus Countryside, and approved the program for the specifications of strategic agricultural products and marketing them abroad, which seeks to encourage investment in agriculture and facilitate the exports of agricultural products.

The Cabinet formed a higher committee chaired by Premier Khamis to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations issued by the work group on reforming the economic establishments of the public sector.

The Cabinet also approved the national code system for services provided by public sector establishments and correspondence, as part of the efforts for implementing the e-government project.

Hazem Sabbagh

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