Damascus Fire Brigade extinguishes fire in two areas , no fatalities reported

Damascus, SANA- Damascus Fire Brigade on Monday put out a fire which erupted in al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus and another fire which erupted at the entrance of Beit Sahem town, south of Damascus.

A source at the Fire Brigade told SANA correspondent that the an electrical short circuit caused the eruption of fire at a house near al-Majed Mosque in al-Midan neighborhood with firefighters managing to control the flames and extinguish them before reaching the neighboring houses.

The source added that the fire only caused material damage and no human casualties or injuries were reported.

Another fire also erupted at uncultivated land at the entrance of Beit Sahem town to the south of Damascus over an area of 10 acres of dry grass, according to the source who indicated that the fire was controlled and extinguished completely.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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