Ala: Washington double standard policy encourages Israel entity to reject joining NPT

Geneva, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Houssam El-Din Ala affirmed on Tuesday that the US and its allies’ continuation of escaping from carrying out their obligations regarding the establishment of a zone free from the nuclear weapons in the Middle East encourages the Israeli entity to go ahead in its rejection of joining The Treaty on the NonProliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

Ala, in a statement at Geneva Disarmament Conference, pointed out to the double standard policy adopted by Washington and its allies in dealing with the use of chemical weapons as they turn a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons by terrorist organizations against civilians in Syria.

He affirmed that the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates its assertion on the importance given to the disarmament conference, adding that Syria calls for putting the disarmament issue on top priority of the international community and calls for respecting the states’ sovereignty and their political independence, territorial integrity and refraining from intervening in their domestic affairs.

“The arrogance of power used by the US and its allies in our region has caused human catastrophes which are still making people pay a precious price until now and the US encouragement to its ally, Israel, to go ahead in its hostile method and aggressions represent a pattern of the irresponsible polices which pose threat to the stability in the Middle East and the international peace,” Ala said.

He added  it is a mock that the US which calls itself as “responsible state” and offers itself the right to give lessons about the states’ response to their obligations, turns a blind eye to its record which is full of violations of its contracting commitments.

Mazen Eyon

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