Hundreds long tunnel used by terrorists before being eliminated discovered in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Unit of the Syrian Arab Army discovered on Thursday a 600 meter-long and 30-meter-deep tunnel in Darayya City in Damascus Countryside that had been used by terrorist organizations for moving and storing weapons before they were eliminated by the army.

An army officer told SANA that a 30-meter-deep two-floor tunnel had been found , the first floor is a 150-meter-long while the second is a 600 meter-long towards Nahir Aishah and the International Highway , used by the terrorist groups for moving and storing weapons before their retreat from the area.

The tunnel , the army officer said that is equipped with heavy lifting machines , communication tools and loudspeakers to communicate , adding that 14 mines and 20 explosive devices with various weights were also discovered inside the tunnel, as the army engineering units dismantled all of them.

The officer clarified that the digging of the tunnel indicates the presence of foreign experts in the areas helping the terrorists in planning and marking the tunnel’s route.

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