Many service projects in Idleb eastern countryside after liberating it from terrorism

Idleb countryside, SANA- Technical Services Directorate in Idleb Province has carried out many service projects within the domain of  liberated areas in the eastern countryside of the province with the aim of restoring  normal life to these areas through providing services and  requirements of citizens’ livelihood who started to return to these areas after they have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

Within that framework, Head of the Technical Services Director in the province Eng. Ezzat al-Khalil told SANA that after liberating Abu al-Dohour Airport, the Technical Services Directorate prepared a bunch of studies to rehabilitate service institutions and roads in the eastern countryside of the province.

Al-Khalil added that these studies are supported by Ministry of Local Administration and Environment, indicating that the most important of them is the project of maintaining the road linking the provinces of Hama and Aleppo passing through the liberated eastern countryside of Idleb with a length of about 105 km and with a cost of more than SYP 341 million.

Al-Khalil said that this road is assigned for tourist cars and the cars of seven tons capacity and less, affirming that the maintenance of the road finished from about two months and that this road is very vital juncture for those areas as it services the residential compounds till Aleppo administrative borders and it abbreviates a distance of 100 km of the road linking Aleppo and Hama through Khanaser and Ethraya.

“A detailed study had been also conducted for the road which reaches the administrative borders of Idleb province between the provinces of Aleppo and Hama with a length of 50 km and a cost estimated at about SYP 4 billion,” al-Khalil said.

He indicated that the Directorate is waiting for the approval of the Ministry to start the project, adding that the cost of the project will be taken from the budget of reconstruction and it will be carried out by companies from the public sector.

The Directorate has finished the maintenance of the building of Hawa Municipality with a cost of about SYP 15 million and the administrative cadres resumed to work at it, in addition to rehabilitating  the old building of Abu al-Douhor Municipality with a cost of SYP 24 million.

The project of maintaining and rehabilitating the building of Abu al-Douhor Municipality, the southern bloc “The Court” was also carried out with a cost of SYP 4 million, al-Khalil  said, indicating that the western part of the building is completely destroyed and it needs to be removed.

He affirmed that the old building of Sanjar town “The Court” was also rehabilitated with a cost of SYP 15 million, adding that soon it will embrace the court and Lawyers Syndicate.

He said that the new building of Sanjar town was also rehabilitated with a cost that exceeds SYP 15 million and it embraces the building of Sanjar Municipality.

Head of the Technical Services said that in coordination with the Education Directorate, about 16 schools have been rehabilitated and all of them have been put into service as they serve more than 113 residential compounds including farms, villages and towns.

He added that many studies have been prepared in these areas, the most important of which is the rehabilitation of the automatic bread facility in the area of Sanjar with a cost of SYP 120 million, in addition to rehabilitating a number of health centers in the towns of Hawa, Sanjar and Abu al-Dohour.

He noted that many studies have been also conducted for the maintenance of all roads in those areas.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri




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