South Africa’s outgoing ambassador in Damascus: Syria has always upheld justice and humanity

Damascus, SANA-The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry held a farewell ceremony for the ambassador of the South African Republic in Syria Shaun Byneveldt who is wrapping up his diplomatic mission.

The outgoing ambassador was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit of the Excellent Degree in acknowledgment for him and his friendly country.

The ambassador thanked President Bashar al-Assad deeply for granting him the Order of Merit and the Foreign Ministry’s staff who cooperated with him as an incumbent ambassador, considering that his tenure in Syria had deepened his understanding of the issues of justice, equality and freedom.

He added the destruction in Syria wrought by terrorists is by no means justifiable, indicating that the steadfastness shown by the Syrian people and their victory over terrorism came to underscore the need for continued confrontation against extremism and the greed of some parties who believe the riches of nations to be their own.

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said South Africa has always sided with the peoples fighting terrorism for the sake of reaching justice and a better world, hailing the struggle of South Africa against the apartheid system.

He added that ambassador Byneveldt has exerted every effort to consolidate friendship ties between the two countries and has had unwavering trust in Syria’s victory.


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