Ancient Church of Hananiya narrates chapters of Damascus rich history

Damascus, SANA- The Church of Hananiya, in one of the alleys near Bab Sharqi in Damascus Old City, is one of the most ancient churches in the world, and it is famous for its Damascene architectural style and spirit.

Today, the church is decorated with the most beautiful adornments in preparation for receiving its visitors on the Christmas and the New Year.

One can enter the Church which was built underground through a stone-made ladder, and upon entering it one can see the sculpture of Saint Hananiya while he is baptizing St. Paul the Apostle.

Inside the church, one can see an unroofed square which the Damascene houses are famous for.

The Church dates back to about 2000 years as it was built in the place of an ancient pagan chapel and it became the house of Saint Hananiya, Father Elias told SANA.

He added that the Church is known as Crucifixion Church as its basic shape is like the cross which has some of its parts hidden underground.

An old tunnel which has many branches extends from the church to other areas, one of them reaches the Umayyad Mosque and another branch leads to Bab Kisan.

The Church was rehabilitated from about ten years and it contains three wooden underground doors on which one can see magnificent Damascene ornamentations.

Above the main door of the church, there is an ancient stone-made signboard on which it was written Saint Hananiya Church.

Despite of the passage of time, Hananiya Church maintained its originality to remain a masterpiece with its Damascene spirit which is represented in its wooden and stone-made ornamentations and its architectural style.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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