Hundreds of factories return to work in Damascus and its countryside

Damascus, SANA – Head of Damascus Chamber of Industry, Samer al-Debs, said that 710 factories in al-Zablatani area in Damascus and nearly 90 others in Tal Kurdi in the countryside returned to work, along with a number of small and handicraft workshops in al-Sbeina and al-Qadam near Damascus.

In a statement to SANA, al-Debs noted that resuming work at those facilities is the result of cooperation between all parties concerned to rehabilitate areas liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism and provide them with their needs.

He indicated to the challenges facing the development of industry sector in terms of laws and regulations and setting up a strategic vision, in addition to promoting and marketing industrial products through festivals as well as internal and external exhibitions.

Al-Debs pointed out that the situation is getting better as more areas are being restored, not to mention the re-opening of Nassib border crossing center and starting exports.


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