Minister Sarkis : Restoring balance to ecosystems damaged by terrorists’ sabotage acts

Damascus, SANA – Minister of State for Environment Affairs Nazira Sarkis stressed Syria’s commitment to implement national and regional conventions which help integrate Arab efforts to preserve the environment through building human resources and enhancing environmental awareness and behavior in order to effectively contribute to maintaining a better environment for future generations.

Commemorating Arab Environment Day which is observed on October 14th, Minister Sarkis told SANA that this year’s celebration is coincides with further violations and transgressions against natural resources due to sabotage acts committed by the armed terrorist organizations, backed by some Arab countries, such as over logging and the burning of forests.

The minister called for restoring balance to the ecosystems which have been damaged by the ongoing takfiri aggression and assuming collective responsibility towards the environment, in addition to supporting volunteer initiatives in order to overcome obstacles and establish a secure environment on national and international levels.

She highlighted the Ministry’s efforts in organizing and carrying out several projects, campaigns and activities in cooperation with civil organizations and volunteer teams in various provinces, including the national campaign to raise awareness about cleanliness and the public campaign to keep schools clean.

R. Raslan/ H. Sabbagh

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