Citizens in Hasaka city challenge al-Asayish practices, insist on studying official curriculum

Hasaka, SANA-Tens of citizens from al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka city took to the streets in condemnation of the practices of the so-called al-Asayish militias which are preventing students from attending schools that adopt the official curriculum of the Syrian Ministry of Education.

The demonstrators affirmed that for the second day in a row, patrols of al-Asayish forces have been preventing public buses from transporting students from Hasaka neighborhoods who reject non-Syrian curriculum to schools in the city center which are teaching the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

The citizens emphasized their rejection of the curriculum that al-Asayish militia wants to impose by force in schools, stressing the need to put an end to these violations against the educational process and to stop their irresponsible actions that threaten the future of the people in the province.

The pupils, in a clear defiance of these arbitrary measures, have completed their journey to their schools on foot to affirm their rejection of these oppressive measures and their desire to complete their education in the language and curricula specified by the Syrian State.

Head of Hasaka Education Directorate EIham Sarokhan told SANA reporter that the so-called al-Asayish militia prevented students from attending schools that teach the ministry’s curricula and prevented the means of transportation in the rural areas that carry students and teachers from entering the center of the cities of Hasaka and al-Qamishli.

She pointed out that the attendance ratio of students in Hasaka and Qamishli are 40% and 60% respectively.

Local and media sources said that al-Asayish militia has intensified arrests carried out by its affiliated groups among civilians, especially young people, by erecting roadblocks or raiding houses in different areas.

The sources pointed out that the aim of these arrests is to subject them to military courses in the gathering centers of the militia and then to force them to join the ranks of the so-called “Kurdish units’ which have stirred a state of tension and fear among the locals.

The de facto policy that these militias want to impose by force on the components of the Syrian people in Hasaka province amid confirmed information about a US military and logistical support for the so-called ‘QSD’-an Arabic acronym for the Syrian Democratic Forces- and others, will not work given the citizens’ rejection of any scenario outside the framework of legality and the laws and regulations of the Syrian sovereign state.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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