Textiles industry in Syria, a history spanning thousands of years

Damascus Countryside, SANA – The textiles industry in Syria has roots that can be traced back to thousands of years in the past, all the way from the ancient kingdoms of Ebla and Mari and to modern-day Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, and Homs.

Despite the difficulties and negative repercussions caused by the terrorist war on Syria, industrialists continue to preserve this deep-tooted industry.

SANA visited one factory that was renovated after it was vandalized in burned in Fadloun industrial area in Damascus Countryside.

Nizar Hammoud, Production Director at Jana Clothing Company, said the company produces apparel from start to finish at the factory, catering to all requests of clients

Hammoud said the company never stopped production during the past few years, and even when terrorists took control of their factory, they rented a temporary space and worked there until the army reclaimed control over Fadloun area, at which point the company rehabilitated the factory which now employees 80 workers.

Zaher Attal, Director General of the Cotton Ginning and Marketing Company, told SANA that 10,500 tons of ginned cotton was produced during the past season, 6,800 tons of which were sold to weaving companies.

Attal said private companies receive their needs of ginned cotton from the eastern provinces via the company, noting that the quality of cotton was affected due to lack of supervision in Raqqa, Hasaka, and Deor Ezzor provinces, in addition to the decrease of cotton production in Aleppo and Hama due to water and workers shortages.

He said that several cotton ginneries have been rehabilitated recently, with more currently being repaired and should begin production next month.

Hazem Sabbagh

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