Al-Qadam Industrial compound for auto maintenance services to be revitalized soon

Damascus, SANA – Auto maintenance technicians are doing their best to rehabilitate their shops at al-Qadam Industrial compound in order to resume work after Eid al-Adha vacation.

The compound includes 450 shops that are specialized in cars’ mechanic services, engine tuning, auto upholstery, auto body painting and bossing. It covers large area from al-Midan Gate till al-Ashmar Square towards Bour Saeed Roundabout on Damascus-Daraa old highway, in addition to Nahr Aisheh, al-Dahadeel, al-Assali area and Jouret al-Shraybati.

SANA toured the compound and met shops owners who expressed relief over the Governorate’s decision on allowing them to rehabilitate their workshops due to the importance of this compund in providing all auto repair and maintenance services in one place.


Mechanical worker Maher al-Khateeb told SANA reporter that the Governorate has rehabilitated power grids and telecommunication and water networks two months ago, hailing unremitting efforts exerted by all concerned parties to provide all necessary services.

For his part, Ghassan Taha Krenbeh said that he returned to the compound as the Syrian Arab army entered to the area and started to rehabilitate his workshop for auto spare parts, adding that he succeeded to convince his friends and the owners of other workshops abroad to return and revitalize this industry again.

Chairman of al-Qadam Municipality, Issam Awad noted that all earth barriers have been removed and 5-thousand cubic meters of debris have been cleared, not to mention the pavement of roads and the rehabilitation of main infrastructure such as electricity grids and lighting network, indicating that all rehabilitation and maintenance works will be completed within 15 days.




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