Update-Army enters Saida, intensifies operations on terrorists’ supply routes

Daraa, SANA – The Syrian Arab Army units operating in Daraa have intensified strikes on terrorists’ dens and gatherings in the eastern and southeastern parts of Daraa province as part of its ongoing operations to root out terrorism.

SANA reporter said that the military operations on Thursday focused on the direction of al-Jomrok al-Qadim (Old Customs) in the southern outskirts of Daraa al-Balad area, where Jabahat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups are positioned .

The operations resulted in inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists and destroying a number of rocket launching pads, the reporter said, adding that units of the army advanced inside Saida town after fierce clashes with terrorist groups.

A number of terrorists were killed or wounded while the others fled towards the nearby town of al-Taiba, where the army units are shelling their remnants with fit weapons.

The engineering units began to comb the town to completely secure it in preparation for the return of the people to their homes soon.

Saida town, some 10 kilometres east of Daraa, is one of the most dangerous strongholds of terrorists in the eastern countryside and by liberating it; the Syrian army has achieved an important step to end the terrorist presence in the entire eastern countryside.

A field commander told SANA that army units restored control over the Air Defense Battalion located in the area between Kahil and Seida towns and the most neighborhoods of Seida town in parallel with the army’s sweeping operations in the town’s streets.

The commander said that scores of al-Nusra terrorists were killed during the army’s operation amid a state of confusion and collective escape towards the towns of Taibea and Um al – Mayzan near the Jordanian border.

The Commander added that army’s secured the basic needs of Seida’s locals.

The reporter said that the army operations, over the past few hours, focused on the terrorists’ hideouts in the southern part of al-Yadouda and al-Nu’aima towns, 4 km east of Daraa city. The operations ended up with cutting many terrorists’ supply and movement routes.

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