Different initiatives in commemoration of Martyrs’ sacrifices in Sweida

Sweida, SANA- On occasion of Martyrs’ Day a number of civil bodies and popular and youth organizations in Sweida held many initiatives in commemoration of the Martyrs who sacrificed their souls to defend their homeland.

In Shabha city, the civil society in coordination with the City’s council and the Martyrs’ Families Committee decorated the city’s square with two memorials with a length of 7 meters and a width of two meters carrying the photos and names of more than 40 martyrs from the city in appreciation of their sacrifices.

In the northern part of the city, the Revolutionary Youth Union, Sweida Branch in cooperation with the local society made a basalt sculpture carrying the names of the martyrs of Shahba area. The sculpture weighs about 3 tons with a length of 5 meters. Another sculpture was completed in Salkhad, in cooperation with the civil and local activities,  weighing more than 4 tons with a length of 2 meters and a width of one meter.

Head of Revolutionary Youth Union, Sweida branch Kamal Sughaa said that the  solidarity and glory of these sculptures reflect the resilience and strength of the Syrian people who offer convoys of martyrs for defending their homeland.

In al-Tha’leh town in the western countryside of the province, a 6-meter high tree stood at the entrance of the town. The branches of the tree carry the photos of the martyrs.

A memorial embodying a castle from Basalt with 1.30 meters reflects Syria’s steadfastness. The memorial encompasses four marble plates with a length of 1.40 meter for each of them. The four plates includes two crossed swords, with a wheat spike, a dove of peace and a map of Syria

In Mafa’leh village a panorama was accomplished in commemoration of the Martyrs’ Day. The panorama encompasses a chandelier hanging on a 4-meter-high mast. The chandelier carries the photos and names of the village’s martyrs.

The panorama aims at documenting the history and heroism of the martyrs who defended their homeland with their blood.

In the village of Sweimrah in the northern countryside of the province a monument was established in commemoration of three brothers who martyred while they were defending their homeland against terrorism.

Mother of the martyrs Nada Amer expressed her pride in the martyrdom of her sons who sacrificed their souls for their homeland.

The Martyrs’ Day, which annually marked on May 6th to commemorate the Syrian and Lebanese nationalists executed by the Ottomans in Beirut and Damascus for resisting the occupation in 1916, is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all Syrian mothers and their sons for their sacrifices to confront the terrorist war waged on their country since 2011.

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