Army discovers arms depot for terrorists in Ain Tarma, Eastern Ghouta

Damascus countryside, SANA-An army unit discovered an arms’ warehouse that defeated terrorists left behind in Ain Tarma town as the Syrian army presses ahead with a mopping up operation in Eastern Ghouta’s liberated towns.

A Syrian military official told SANA the discovered depot contained medium and light machineguns for Failaq al-Rahman terrorists. 8 23 mm machineguns, a DShK machinegun, and 18 firearms were found.

Head of the reconciliation committee in Ain Tarma town Walid Daoud said a number of gunmen refused to move to Idleb and chose to have their legal status settled after handing their weapons down.

The towns of Jobar, Erbin, Ain Tarma and Zamalka are expected to be declared free of terrorism soon as a bus carrying the last batch of terrorists and their families is due to leave for Idleb in the coming few hours.


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