Nebenzya: Terrorist organizations plan chemical attacks to pin it on Syrian Government

New York, SANA – Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, warned that the terrorist organizations backed by some UNSC member states are planning chemical attacks against civilians to pin them on the Syrian government.

In a speech during the UNSC meeting on Wednesday, Nebenzya said that some parties try to interpret the UNSC Resolution No. 2401 in their own way, noting that the terrorist organizations targeted with mortar shells the humanitarian corridor to prevent civilians from leaving the area and use them as human shields.

He highlighted the efforts exerted to ensure that the cessation of hostilities is sustained and allow a safe evacuation of civilians, calling upon the International Committee for Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to join these efforts.

He urged the UNSC member states to adopt a Russian-drafted resolution on the implementation of the UNSC resolution in Syria and dispatch a UN commission to evaluate the situation in Raqqa City which was totally destroyed by the US-led international coalition.

The Russian ambassador added that the US-led coalition fighting Daesh has committed massacres, claimed the lives of dozens of civilians in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, destroyed cities and killed hundreds of Syrians without any accountability demanding the coalition to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syrian citizens in al-Rukban Camp and al-Tanf area.

For his part, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ma Zhaoxu, stressed the need to continue the ongoing fight against terrorist organizations in accordance with UNSC resolution No. 2401, calling for taking necessary measures to sustain the cessation of hostilities and ensure safe evacuation of civilians from the Eastern Ghouta.

He added that the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi gave impetus to the political process in Geneva in order to reach a solution to the crisis in Syria.

Rasha Raslan

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